In this latest blog post I will share with you some facts and figures around Social Media Marketing, based on some great research and articles that I have recently come across. Ever wonder which social media network drives the most referrals to websites? Which network drives the most engaged visitors? How much bigger is Facebook compared to the others? Read on for some answers to the above.

Social Media Referrals

In order to determine which of the 8 major social media networks refers the most traffic Shareaholic collected data from more than 300,000 web sites which reach more than 400 million unique visitors per month.

Social Media Traffic Blog

Some takeaways:

  • Facebook users like clicking on links in their feed and Facebook is by far the strongest in terms of social referrals.
  • Pinterest came a very credible second and can be a significant driver of website traffic for businesses with a lot of visual content.
  • While the other networks look like they drive much smaller amounts of traffic, they should not be ignored because, as the next section shows, they tend to supply visitors who are more likely to be engaged with the website.

Social Media Post-Click Engagement

We know that the different social media networks can drive lots of traffic to websites. We all click on links we see in our Facebook, Twitter feeds. But, in terms of engagement with the website, does it matter from which social media network the traffic comes ?  To answer that question, Shareaholic looked at 3 key metrics, the average visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate for visitors referred to a network of 200,000 + sites from each of the top 8 social media platforms. The results from this study are presented below:

Social-Media engagement

Some takeaways:

  • YouTube drives the most engaged visitors, especially in terms of time spent on websites and number of pages/visit. Another reason for businesses to start creating video content.
  • There seems to be little difference in the engagement behaviour of visitors from Twitter and Facebook
  • While Pinterest is a great driver of traffic to websites, visitors from this network score poorly in terms of time onsite and bounce rate.
  • While Google + and LinkedIn don’t seem to be great drivers of web traffic, their visitors score very well in terms of engagement.

Social Media – Interesting Figures

A recent article from Business 2 Community  provided some interesting figures on the prominent social media networks.


  • 1.28 billion monthly active users
  • Most common reason to unlike a Facebook Page – uninteresting posts
  • 75% of post engagement happens within first 5 hours

Google +

  • 540 million active users
  • The +1 button acts as a stamp of approval and can indirectly improve ranking in search results


  • 255 million + active users (1 billion total users)
  • 78% of active users are on mobile


  • 187 million + active users (300 million total users)
  • 41% of active users are on mobile


  • 1 billion total users
  • 40% of traffic from mobile
  • 100 hrs of video uploaded/minute


  • 6.7 million blog via blogging sites
  • Companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links then those without
  • B2B marketers using blogs generate 67% more leads


  • 200 million + active users
  • 23% of teens consider Instagram to be favourite network


  • 40 million + active users (70 million total users)
  • 80% of active users are female
  • Average number of pins from female users – 158
  • 92% of pins done by women
  • Fastest growing social media network

So as business owners what can we learn from all of the above:

  • Blogs have very obvious benefits for business in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and lead generation.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are growing very rapidly and can be very useful networks for those involved in fashion, crafts, food, design, travel etc. 
  • Facebook is still king and is an ideal platform for customer engagement and interaction and targeted advertising. 
  • Twitter is great for interaction, sharing of expertise and knowledge. You can monitor how people feel about your business and identify and engage with those who really matter in a particular area.
  • YouTube is now one of the biggest social networks and video creation offers businesses great opportunities to engage with viewers, maybe strike an emotional chord, in a way that text and static images can never do. There are also huge benefits in terms of SEO, product/brand promotion, customer development and conversion

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