Firsof all,some important facts:  recent reports indicate that 66% of companies that blog at least weekly acquired customers through their blog.  This percentage moves up as the blog frequency increases.  Are you one of those business owners who have heard about blogging, how important it is etc., but don’t really know how to go about it, don’t know what to blog about?  Well, this blog is for you.  This post covers some of the fundamentals of blogging and will hopefully give you the knowledge, confidence and direction to get writing and start creating more meaningful relationships with your online audience.
The Benefits

The major benefits of blogging are as follows:

  • Highlight your expertise and raise the level of your authority
  • Share information, industry news etc.
  • Showcase new products, new features
  • Get customer feedback
  • Answer customer’s most frequently asked questions
  • Improve the search visibility of your website
  • Build stronger customer relationships

So, what can I blog about?

  • Complile industry developments into one interesting article.  Save your customers a lot of time and energy and ensure they keep coming back to you as the industry information leader.
  • Every business has a list of frequently asked questions that keep coming up, again and again.  Prepare an informative FAQ and share with your audience.
  • Provide useful advice and tips for your audience. 
  • Social, community events and activities that you and your business are involved in.
  • An interesting case study with one of your happy customers would be interesting content for your readers.
  • Bring that recent conference or tradeshow to life and share interesting content about what you experienced at these events.
  • Share charts, infographics from your industry.
  • Use images, photos, videos as much as possible.
  • Generate excitement about upcoming events

The 2 most important elements of your Blog

The Headline

Generally speaking, 8 out of 10 people will read headlines, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the article.  This means your headline has to be engaging, informative, interesting etc, offering the reader some potential benefit.  There are lots of different headline formats you can use, including:

How to …..(How to save time and make more money)

Who else ……(Who else wants to get more leads)

The secret ……(The secret to becoming better organised)

Here’s a quick way ….(Here’s a quick way to reduce your phone bills)

Now you can be…. (Now you can be a professional presenter)

Go to   for more information and examples. Once you have your headline sorted, the Opening Paragraph is most important.  You want to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading.  Some ways you can do this include:

Ask a question

Share an anecdote or quote

Invoke the mind’s eye (“Do you remember when…”)

Provide a shocking or startling statistic

For more info go to  After that, your content needs to be informative and interesting and linked to both the headline and opening paragraph.

Now you know about the benefits of blogging, what to write about, how to encourage the reader to open your blog and read it.  Good luck with your blogging.