As a business owner, are you struggling to make social media work for you?   Have you set up all the different accounts but don’t really know how to bring any of them to life?  Here’s a few tips to help you kick start your social media efforts and start engaging with your online audience.

Add social media sharing buttons to your website. 



These allow visitors to your website to share a link to your website with all the major social media networks.  Get it free from  Get the code and paste onto the relevant sections of your website.

Bring your website to life with video. 

Use video to:

  • Simplify concepts and/or messaging
  • Tell your brand story
  • Product videos
  • Testimonials
  • Screencasts
  • Walk customers through a specific process
  • Setting up a new account, installing new software

​Take a look at how Sugru use video to great effect for brand promotion, how the product works etc. Remember, customers who watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase.


Facebook: Simple Promotion Tips
  • If a post is important enough, Pin it to the top (where it stays for 7 days) or Highlight it to go full width.
  • Promote a post (Boost Post) will increase the number who see your post
  • Use Offers to promote a special deal and drive customers to your store, or online, to redeem.
  • Most importantly, share content that is interesting, visual, creative; designed to be shared, liked, commented on.
LinkedIn: Optimise your presence
  • Complete your profile, get recommendations, endorsements; customise your public profile URL (eg., and use on business cards, email signatures etc.
  • Remember, you can now add videos, documents, presentations etc. to your profile.
  • Join Groups where your customers gather, ask/answer questions, share info and promote your business.
Twitter: Embed a tweet and the power of #hashtags
  • Have you received positive commentary on Twitter regarding your products, service, event, training course etc.?  Why not embed the tweet and place on your website. Be creative and stand out from the crowd. The embedded tweet can look well in the Testimonials section of your website, or help to sell your next training course, promote your next event etc.  It's easy to do: just click "More" under the relevant tweet, select "Embed Tweet" and copy and paste the code onto your website.  Check out the Testimonials part of this website to see it in action, 


  • Applying the relevant hashtags to your tweets can result in a dramatic increase in viewing numbers.  Promote your business with #IrishBizParty every Wednesday evening, between 9 and 11 pm.  Theo Paphitis (from BBC's Dragon's Den) invites people to promote their business by tweeting him (@TheoPaphitis) between 5 –  7:30pm on Sunday evening, promoting your business in 140 characterers or less.  Use the hashtag #SBS in the tweet.  He then chooses his favourite 6 tweets and re-tweets to his 350,000 followers and publishes the winners on his website.  Great opportunity to spread your message.
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